Tallong – a charming country village

A quaint village filled with stunning scenery and wonderful experiences.

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Tallong has developed as an area of ‘weekend retreats’. Within an easy drive from Sydney, the village offers an attractive venue for backpackers and day trippers.

Situated on the boundary between four major biological zones, Tallong has a remarkable natural diversity of wildlife and plant species. Rare plants such as the Tallong Midge Orchid (Genoplesium Plumosum) which can only be found in the area surrounding Tallong.

A Brief History

The Tallong district was first discovered by Hume, Throsby and Smith in their efforts to cross the Shoalhaven River in 1818 and 1820.

The original settlement of Tallong was renamed in the early twentieth century after an Aboriginal word meaning “spring of water”.

Things To Do

  • The Midge – Tallong
  • Long Point and Badgerys Lookouts
  • Tallong Apple Day Festival
  • Santa Sabina College

What’s on

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Our Community

Come and explore the beauty of our town.