An adventurer’s paradise

With stunning views and numerous well preserved significant historic buildings.

The historic village of Bungonia is situated on the edge of the breathtaking Bungonia National Park, celebrated for its beautiful views, bushwalks, rock climbing and canyoning.

Bungonia has an active Progress Association and Historical Society which run a number of village events throughout the year.

A Brief History

The Bungonia district was settled in the early 1820’s. In the early 19th century Bungonia was expected to become a major centre, with a plan for the village drawn up in September 1832, which included provision for a recreation area, schools and churches, a courthouse and other public facilities, however it subsequently proved unsuitable for intensive agriculture.

Most of the original population of the village was made up of convicts, ex-convicts or ticket of leave men and women working on four of five big properties. The development of the area saw other settlers arrive and the establishment of various small businesses to service the district.

Things To Do

  • Bungonia National Park
  • Fine Historical Buildings including St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church – the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia
  • Bungonia Village Park
  • The Bungonia Lookdown

What’s on

There are lots of things happening this month.

Our Community

Come and explore the beauty of our town.

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