Strong workforce opportunities.

With a strong work ethic, a stable workforce, low levels of industrial dispute and a low rate of unemployment, it’s easy to see why Goulburn is a destination for many businesses to start-up or relocate to.

The availability of services, education and training opportunities, as well as transport and communication options makes Goulburn a great choice for career driven individuals and means you won’t have any shortage of finding skilled employees.


In 2017 there were approximately 17,000 people in the Goulburn Mulwaree labour force. Of these 17,000 people, 62% worked full time and 36% worked part time.

Goulburn Mulwaree is a net exporter of labour. According to the 2016 Census, 18% of our residents work outside the area, with the work location of a further 4.5% unknown. In 2016, Goulburn Mulwaree’s largest labour surpluses (more residents than local jobs) were in the following sectors:

  • Information, Media and Telecommunications 
  • Transport, Postal and Warehousing 
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 
  • Public Administration and Safety


Goulburn boasts a highly skilled workforce with Health Care, Public Administration and Construction being major employers in the area. A range of education and training options means that both employees and employers can up-skill.

The 2016 census reveals 44% of Goulburn Mulwaree’s workforce hold post-school qualifications; higher that the regional NSW average of 39%. Like many regional centres Goulburn has more than twice the number of residents with vocational qualifications, compared to degree level qualifications.

The benefits

  • Goulburn is home to a highly skilled workforce 
  • A low unemployment rate means that you will find dedicated employees

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