A delightful place to visit

The only town in the world situated on the 150th Meridian

Conveniently located literally a minute off the Hume Highway, Marulan makes the perfect pit-stop with gourmet coffee, wonderful food and a range of boutique shops to discover.

Marulan is the only town in the world which is situated on the 150th meridian which is used as the basis for Australian Eastern Standard Time; a sculpture depicting this interesting fact is located in the town centre.

Marulan’s vibrant and progressive community hosts a variety of exciting events and festivals each year, including the Marulan Kite Festival.

A Brief History

First explored at the behest of Governor Hunter in 1798 in search for salt, it was 20 years before serious exploration and settlement took place. In 1818 Hamilton Hume and James Meehan passed through the area, investigating the agricultural potential of the Goulburn Plains.

By the mid-1820’s the township of Marulan had been established as a private village located at the junction of Bungonia Road and the Great South Road, the village was named Mooroowoolen. A new town was surveyed and laid out by Surveyor General Thomas Mitchell in 1834, which was officially gazetted as Marulan in 1835.

Things To Do

  • Marulan Historic Meander
  • Marulan Kite Festival
  • Shopping

What’s on

There are lots of things happening this month.

Our Community

Come and explore the beauty of our town.

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