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Teenage Defensive / Advanced Driver Training

11th Jul 2024

Pheasant Wood Circuit, 8 Prairie Oak Road, Marulan, NSW, 2579

Contact Details
Scott Hill
[email protected]
(02) 4841 1422

Event Details
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Calling all parents with teen drivers!

The Teen Defensive Driver Course is on again these holidays, happening on April 23rd. This is an invaluable opportunity for your kids to learn critical skills in a safe environment.

Here's what they'll experience:
- Understanding understeering and oversteering scenarios
- Emergency braking exercises
- Wet and dry skidpan exercises (to simulate wet weather driving)
- Evasive driving techniques

The cost is just $295 if you use your own car, or $445 if you prefer to use our vehicles provided. We've got manuals and autos available on the day for your convenience.

Scott Hill, our Track Manager, emphasises the importance of this course: "Teens get to experience and understand how to control a car in emergency situations in a safe environment, rather than experiencing these situations for the first time out on the public road."

Don't miss out on this opportunity to equip your teen with life-saving skills.

Contact Scott at 02 4841 1422 or [email protected] to sign up today!


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