Hear why our residents love Goulburn.

Relocating to a new area can be a big decision and at times a daunting experience.

If you’re considering a tree-change or planning on relocating to Goulburn Australia you will probably be looking to gather as much information as possible.

Below is a range of testimonials from people who have already made the move and are now calling Goulburn home. Hear about their experiences on making the move and settling into Goulburn.

Barry McEntee
Barry McEntee shares his story of running a successful Real Estate business in Goulburn.

Urs Walterlin
Foreign Correspondent, Urs Walterlin, tells of his lifelong dream of becoming a farmer, and how it came true for him in Goulburn.

Lori McWhirter
Lori McWhirter tells her story of how her home business, Synergetics Massage & Fitness, developed organically while on Maternity Leave; after originally moving to Goulburn for work in the field of Agriculture.

Mick Cooper
Mick Cooper from Chicago Freight Car Leasing tells his story of what brought him to Goulburn, and what keeps him here.

Nick Fife
Fourth generation local, Nick Fife, shares his story of why he returned to Goulburn to start a family, and run his business.

The Aylings
Step inside the magnificent Mandelson’s of Goulburn B&B, and hear from owners Claire & Steve Ayling about what drew them to Goulburn.

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