Recall ‘Exhibition of Travel Memories’ - Barbara Nell

26th Nov 2020 - 31st Jan 2021

Goulburn Club, 19 Market St, Goulburn, NSW, 2580

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Mary Booth
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Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

This body of work has evolved from my witnessing street processions and performances during my travels to Italy in 2013 and 2015. The events I have painted were ‘bumped into’ or happened upon, which made them surprising and exciting to witness. There was a certain chaos in the parade in Florence, with participants not quite knowing what the congestion was about. In Assisi, the medieval re enactments took place in front of the ancient Minerva Temple. The drummers’ rhythms reverberating off the stone buildings all around the square, creating an intensity as performers moved through limited reflected light. It is the atmospheric qualities I am pursuing in my work. Walking around in the evening and viewing sculptures floodlit, revealed surprising distortions in the work.

The memory can enhance, distort or fade an experience. Our minds can also fixate and crystalize the images into a visual coherence. This is what I have been working with. My painterly considerations are investigating the fall of light, limited and artificial at night, on the subject matter. The source of light serves to highlight, distort and disguise all at the same time. I am interested in how the eye perceives a subject, whether it is in or out of focus.  Does this create uncertainty in what you are seeing?

These are my ongoing investigations.   It is quite likely these themes will continue into future works. I am begging the shadows for their secrets.

Barbara Nell. Nov 2020

This exhibition will show weekly from the 26th November through to the 31st January, every Friday & Saturday between 12pm and 5pm.


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